Walk Against Waste

September 22, 2021

Alfredton Rotary have several programs that help connect community with the environment. Rotary's Walk against Waste is a project designed to encourage people to clean up their local area. We have noticed that many people are enjoying walking around their local community, so by supplying pick up grabbers & identifying drop off points throughout the community Rotary hopes that people may take the opportunity to clean as they go. This is a great chance to enhance the environment, demonstrate pride in our town and keep fit – a walk against waist as well as waste!

The plan is to have people register their interest and receive a rubbish grabber and a map highlighting the location of rubbish bins. Participants are encouraged to send a picture of themselves picking up or disposing of rubbish and each month a random picture will be chosen to be displayed on the Alfredton Rotary facebook page, with a prize going to the winning person.

Participants will be asked to make a donation of $5 to participate in this program. For more information and register, please contact David Sanders on 0419 108 844.

Participants will be participating at their own risk and the Rotary Club of Alfredton Inc takes no responsibility for injury or damage caused by or arising from participation in the activity.

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