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October 19, 2023

Ken Shelton's Journey to Wellbeing with Ballarat Community Health

Ken Shelton found himself struggling with his mental health and managing chronic fatigue due to his diabetes. Seeking help, he turned to Ballarat Community Health (BCH) based in Lucas, and his life took a transformative turn.

Ken's journey began with six sessions in a mental health program, where he took his first steps towards healing. It was during this pivotal phase that he remarked, "My mental health has improved so much... I feel good in myself." Ken's progress didn't stop there, as BCH's commitment to comprehensive care became evident.

Peter Kennedy, a dedicated case manager at BCH, recognised Ken's potential for further growth and development. With Peter's guidance, Ken was referred to one of BCH's many Dietitians, Grace. Under Grace's expert care, Ken's health began to flourish as he received personalized advice in the form of nutrition psychiatry and support for his diabetes management.

But the support didn't end there. Grace, understanding the importance of a holistic approach to Ken's wellbeing, connected him with My Aged Care. Ken now receives assistance at home with laborious jobs that had once been difficult and demanding on his physical and mental wellbeing. This move opened doors to various services that catered to Ken's unique needs and aspirations including a referral into other Allied Health services at BCH.

One of the key milestones in Ken's journey was his involvement with a mental health group program. This group empowered Ken to make informed choices about his health, particularly regarding his lifestyle and diet. Simultaneously, Ken was introduced to Exercise Physiology, helping him regain his physical strength and vitality where he attends the Lucas gym twice a week.

Reflecting on his experience, Ken expressed his heartfelt appreciation for BCH's dedication, saying, "The staff at BCH really go out of their way to help you; it's really special. Even the volunteers at the cafe inside the Lucas building know you by name. I didn't realise the size of the service." BCH had created a supportive community that extended beyond the four walls of a clinical room.

Ken's transformation was nothing short of remarkable. From feeling "down in the dumps," he had blossomed into a person who declared, "This is the best I've felt in years!" He credited BCH with being instrumental in his journey to recovery, concluding, "BCH couldn't do anything more... just amazing!"

Ken Shelton's story is a testament to BCH's commitment to providing comprehensive and person-centred care. Through mental health programs, dedicated case management, nutrition support, and access to a wide array of Allied Health services, BCH not only improved Ken's mental and physical health but also provided him with a supportive community where he felt truly valued. Ken's success story exemplifies BCH's mission of transforming lives, one individual at a time.

Ballarat Community health operates out of 6 locations including one based right here in Lucas located at 12 Lilburne Street. Ballarat Community Health offers affordable healthcare to everyone and currently has capacity to take new patients for GP’s based in Lucas.

Call BCH on 5338 4500 or visit to find a service right for you.

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