Petition for Lucas Dog Park

October 26, 2023

You may have seen some posters around Lucas recently, advertising a petition for an Off Leash Dog Park!

A group of community members are developing a proposal for the City of Ballarat to construct a fenced dog park in Lucas that offers facilities for small and large dogs.

Integra is in full support of this initiative and would love to welcome a new park to our community.

Lucas is a thriving new suburb at the gateway to the city's growth corridor. As we welcome new families, we also welcome new pets!

The City of Ballarat currently provides 11 dog parks, with the closest one to Lucas being the Cuthberts Road Reserve. However, this is not a dedicated dog park. Even in off leash areas, there are circumstances where dogs need to be kept on a lead, such as within 10 metres of any shared path.

The group are seeking a safe and suitable environment for their dogs to exercise, socialise with other dogs, and burn off energy. Dog parks are also great for practicing training techniques and playing games with your pets. Plus, they improve the physical and mental wellbeing of pet owners.

The group currently has 277 signatures on their petition and are seeking further support from Lucas residents and community members.

If you would like to sign the petition, please visit the Lucas Dog Park Facebook group page.

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