Lucas Cricket Club

September 19, 2022

The Lucas Estate is named after the iconic textiles company E. Lucas & Co. and the famous “Lucas Girls” who worked there during the early to middle 20th Century. Eleanor Lucas, whom Eleanor Drive in the Lucas Estate is name after, started the textiles company with her daughters and 20 employees in 1888. What started as a home-based business grew to employ 500 women by 1917, and in that same year the Lucas girls started the Arch of Victory which was officially opened on 2nd June 1920 by the Prince of Wales. Mrs ‘Tilly’ Thomson, a Director of E. Lucas & Co, and the Lucas Girls, were instrumental in raising funds for the Arch of Victory, and became heavily involved in fundraising and organising the planting of the Avenue of Honour.

Fundraising activities undertaken by the Lucas Girls included clothing exhibitions, sale of souvenirs and the first ever recorded ladies football match in 1918. The Lucas Girls became famous for their ongoing philanthropic work over the years, raising money for numerous charities and community endeavours. E. Lucas & Co. and the Lucas Girls was the embodiment of community spirit. As well as raising money for charity, the Lucas Girls tirelessly worked overtime to have their bonus pay invested back into the community, establishing local sporting teams such as soft ball, badminton and a cricket team.

In 1953, the Lucas Girls started another project establishing the Lucas Cricket Club, which initially consisted of both a men’s and women’s team. In honour of its origins, the current day Club has adopted the Arch of Victory in its emblem as a reminder of the selfless efforts of the Lucas Girls and their incredible achievements. Now nearly 70 years old, the Lucas Cricket Club has developed its own rich history and tradition, winning a number of senior premierships and producing six Bernie Davey medallists for the best and fairest player in the BCA District and 2nd Grade competitions in Ballarat.

Based in the heart of town at Ballarat’s historic Victoria Park, Lucas has grown from a working-class Club in the old BCA District competition into a professional, sports club striving to reach the next level.  Today the Club provides playing opportunities in four senior teams in the BCA’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade competitions as well as several junior teams and a Junior Blast program for youngsters.

Ever mindful of its heritage, the Lucas Cricket Club has remained a community-minded, and family-orientated organisation, dedicated to the wellbeing of its members, illustrated by the Clubs flagship Player Welfare Program in partnership with Federation University.  

The first cricket club in Ballarat to employ senior coaches with Sub-continent heritage, Lucas is committed to cultural diversity and inclusiveness as core values on its current day journey to build a premier cricket club in Ballarat.

We are committed to building a community club that Lucas can be proud of and one which will continue the good work started by the Lucas girls back in 1917.

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