Lucas Central Park Playground

July 27, 2021

The Lucas Central Park adventure playground, is one of the largest and most recently completed playgrounds in Ballarat, Victoria. Located at the heart of Lucas, this playground is not only an impressive landmark, but also a necessary facility for our thriving and healthy community.

Not long after the playground finished construction in 2020, it was voted best playground by 6 year old Matilda who visited over 80 playgrounds in Ballarat and ranked each one - her visits to the playgrounds has been documented on her Facebook group, Playgrounds of Ballarat, and published in this article by the Courier which you can read here.

Lucas Central Park consists of a two-tower giant adventure playground, a 25m flying fox, agility trail, nest swing, wizard's hideaway hut, boulder climbing wall and a spinning four arm swing. In addition to this, the park includes a series of wetlands, under cover BBQ area, a mixed-use Basketball/Netball/Soccer court all surrounded by new native plantings and stone arrangements. All of this backs onto a ALF size multi purpose oval for all to enjoy. Toilet facilities will soon be installed along with a bridge which will seamlessly connect the mixed use courts to the rest of the tracks in the park.

According to Adventure Plus, the team behind design of the adventure playground, a well designed playground can have enormous benefits for a child’s physical and mental well being.

The incorporation of a huge double tower with a variety of climbing elements is challenging and promotes a lot of physical exercise! The number of activities, especially climbing, provide a cardio and full body workout for the children.

While some youngsters may find climbing up the 7 meter high towers a thrill, many have to overcome fear and getting out of their comfort zone, which has huge developmental benefits. The towers are made up of a maze of staircases and platforms, and require children to work together and take turns to navigate through the towers, which teaches social awareness and sharing.

You can read more about this Adventure Plus playground and more here

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