Indigenous Heritage Sites

November 7, 2022

By undertaking approved excavations throughout Lucas, archaeologists and Traditional Owner representatives have evidence of hundreds of artefacts that have been found, generally relating to stone tool manufacturing sites.

While stone artefact scatters are common within this geographic region and throughout the wider landscape, four of these scatter sites in Lucas are of particular importance due to the high level of artefacts found.

Importantly, these sites have been retained and protected in Lucas which has in turn created some unique spaces and although you can’t see the artefacts, these sites are considered to be rich in cultural significance. Similar excavations to those undertaken in Lucas from other sites around Victoria have returned Aboriginal occupation dates of close to 31,000 years old.

The plant and animal resources within the Geographic Region would have been utilised by Aboriginal people occupying this land for food, medicine, and the raw material for tool manufacturing.  Quartz is the most prominent raw material represented in these sites, with silcrete, quartzite and crystal quartz also present.

Integra is committed to the protection of these important natural and culturally significant sites. Artefact scatters are retained in public open spaces in Lucas without being disturbed. Heritage Advisors and archaeologists apply several recommendations and conditions for Integra to adhere to which ensures the protection of these sites. Creating these spaces guarantees the scatter sites remain protected for years to come.

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