Hidden Gem

June 23, 2022

Looking for a local GP? We’ve got you covered.

Ballarat Community Health (BCH) operates six clinics across Ballarat and the surrounding region with our largest site based right here in Lucas. Our clinic at 12 Lilburne Street provides wholistic care and health services to any member of the community, no matter their background or circumstances.

Our local GPs are approachable, caring and are currently taking new patients, and we also have a range of other services operating on your doorstep! Visit us any time for your health and wellbeing needs - we can help with:

·        General Practice

·        Physio and Exercise Physiology

·        Counselling (for mental health challenges, addiction support or youth)

·        Podiatry

·        Dietetics

·        Sexual Health Clinics

·        Community Art Programs

·        Meeting room hire

·        Plus more!

Manager of Medical Services at BCH, Mary-Anne Gould is a Lucas local and loves living in the area.

“Lucas is a thriving part of the city of Ballarat and is only getting better as time goes on.”

“We are seeing great developments popping up, beautiful open spaces being created and all the essentials brought together for us all to utilise.”

“Ballarat Community Health is a hidden gem in the Lucas landscape. Despite having a large presence physically, not many people know we are here to provide medical services for them.”

“We’re here for the community every day. Come in, say hi and find your new care provider here with us.”

BCH Lucas is open 9.00am -5.00pm Monday-Friday. Visit us anytime to see this beautiful local facility for yourself and take the time to find out about our many programs and projects running across Lucas, Ballarat and surrounds.

Find out more about how we can help you with your health and well being goals at bchc.org.au

Pictured above is Mary-Anne Gould and below from Left to Right is Dr Jennifer, Dr Choy and Nurse Kerryn.

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