Donuts Worth Travelling For

September 16, 2022

Lucas Family bring OMG donuts to Ballarat - If you are in search of an amazing Gluten Free and Vegan Donut, you will want to read on!

We are Kate and Clayton, proud parents of four fussy eaters in Ballarat. In 2011, Kate received a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. This put us in search of an enjoyable gluten free product that didn’t taste like cardboard, good quality, affordable and could be shared with not only our family, but other food allergy sufferers in our local community.

We had been researching gluten free treats off and on for a few years, yet thanks to Covid, something changed with us. Suddenly there was nothing ridiculous about travelling 2 hours just to try a donut. We planned a family day trip to Melbourne just to try the OMG! Decadent Donuts. We thought if the donuts were terrible at least we got out for the day. Kate remembered saying to the Licensees, “I hope these are good, we’ve travelled 2 hours for these”. She was reassured even the kids will love them.

Not only did the smell of the donuts have us all salivating, but after one bite our whole family was hooked. The kids and Clayton couldn’t even tell the donuts were gluten free. They were soft, fluffy and dreamy. This was it! We were hooked. The 6 of us ate so many donuts that the rides at Luna Park certainly tested our tummies.

We couldn’t believe we’d never made the effort to try these donuts before. We were genuinely amazed. And more so we were excited to learn WE could bring these tasty inclusive treats to our home of Ballarat for everyone to enjoy as much as we do.

OMG! Decadent donuts are seriously a wonderfully decadent donutty treat that are free from gluten they are vegan certified, halal and kosher certified AND they are free from diary, eggs, wheat, yeast, nuts and sulphates.

The sugars used for dusting are made from Australian real fruits, vegies and spices, with no artificial colours or flavours and preservatives. A truly inclusive treat for most to enjoy.

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