Winter Working Bee

May 27, 2021
Winter is almost here and the garden is feeling it. Some Winter vegetables are in (a little late but let’s hope for the best), herbs are doing ok, but Summer vegetables have done their dash. Winter is the time to prepare the garden for next Spring. To fix boxes, mulch and top up soil or grow green cover crops to help revitalise the soil and to get planning what to grow for the next season.

Winter Working Bee

To prep the Lucas Community Garden for next Spring we’re having a Winter Working Bee.
We’ll be aiming to repaint the tops of boxes, fix the plastic linings, top up soil and mulch, and make sure trellises are up to scratch for peas and broad beans. Many hands make light work so we’d love to see you come along!
Sunday June 6th 10.30am
What to bring- warm clothing, a drink bottle and snack, a spare paintbrush and tin/container if you have one (not essential!).  We’re still working on securing funding, so any donations towards supplies will be gratefully accepted.

Garden Club Sessions

Tuesday garden club sessions have been running at the garden and are now at the new time of 3:30-5:00pm. The perfect family after school activity!
Come along to say hello, lend a hand in the garden, join in any planned garden activities or just explore what’s growing. All ages and abilities welcome.
Sessions will continue through Winter each week, weather permitting.
We would also like to begin some regular weekend sessions for those who work full time. If you’re interested in joining in or leading some gardening sessions please get in touch.  

We need your help!

We’re also after ongoing support for the garden as we aim to expand the site. If you’ve been considering getting more involved in and giving back to your community getting involved with the garden is a great way to do it, no gardening skills necessary! We need committee members to help with running the garden and regular volunteers who are keen to take on rostered roles such as watering, building & maintenance, or running garden club sessions.  

Being on the committee involves monthly meetings and being part of planning and decision making for the garden, including but not limited to fundraising, grant writing, event organisation, marketing and design, and volunteer coordination, and involvement in and organisation of specific projects.  But no one person needs to do all the tasks!  If you have skills in any one of these areas that could be helpful we would love to hear from you.
The community garden will be such an asset to Lucas and beyond if we get a good team involved.  

Stay up to date!

Are you connected with us on Facebook (Lucas Community Garden) or Instagram (@lucascommunitygarden)?

You can find us on both platforms and following along is the best way to stay up to date with what’s happening in the garden- volunteer opportunities, event changes and information on what’s growing and how to use it.

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