Coming Up in Lucas Grange

March 23, 2023

There will be a new Display Village in Grange with over 30 display homes and over 20 builders. The construction of these homes is currently underway and the village is due to open mid-year 2023.

Lucas Grange (3H) Park or East Park, sits at the bottom of the Display Village and the park and playground will be constructed and completed during 2023.

The southern wetland along Fawcett Road (running parallel to Cuthberts Road) will also be under construction this year, including a proposed viewing area.

In East Park, the proposed plans are for enlarged road reserves, which will allow for the planting of large trees and a minimum 40% tree canopy coverage with a variety of native and exotic species to be planted.

There will be a picnic area, including shelters, picnic settings, seats, drinking fountain, bins and a feature palm. Plus a play space with a variety of equipment to cater for different ages and abilities. 2.5m wide concrete shared paths will connect to parks and wetlands in lieu of the standard 1.5m paths, to provide ample space for walkers, bikers and scooters.

There will also be a multipurpose court, including hit-up wall, netball and basketball goals, shelter and seating and an irrigated grass 'kick and throw' space.

For parents in our community who have struggled with maintaining a sleep routine for their little ones, the frame is up on the Early Parenting Centre located just off Dyson Drive, which is expected to be completed later this year.

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