400 Trees on Special Rail Trail Site

September 21, 2022

On Thursday the 1st of September, the grade 5 and 6 students from Siena Catholic Primary School helped the Integra landscape team to plant 400 trees and plants in a special site close to the Skipton Rail Trail. At 9.30am, the site was totally bare, and by 10am, there was an impressive spread of native plants, grasses and trees dotting the site. In time, another 4,000 trees and plants will accompany this first 400, and over the years, the Siena students and their teachers can come back and take pride in what they have been part of.

Integra's Head of Landscape, Matt Reynolds, spent some time explaining to the students about the site, including the waterway that adjoins the site and how the water from the wetlands ends up as far away as Colac in Victoria's Western District over 100 kms away. Matt stressed the importance of our community in keeping our waterways clean because any rubbish that isn't caught here in Lucas could continue on to Colac and then out to sea. We can play an important role in ensuring that doesn't happen by putting our rubbish in bins.

A big thank you to the Siena students and teachers for their help and enthusiasm in planting out this area. You can take a look at the site on Shortridge Drive and Carbery Way across from Platinum Park. Some of the plants that were planted on the day include Banksia Marginate and Kangaroo Grass.

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