Lucas will reduce its carbon footprint through the use of safe integrated walking and cycling trails.

The great advantage of a master planned development is the ability to ensure environmentally sensitive design - from the start.

Lucas will take this aspect and use it to create the most sustainable development ever undertaken in Ballarat - a self contained community. By providing schools, shopping, business opportunities and parks within Lucas there is little reason to jump in the car, reducing the footprint we leave on the environment. This is true not only for the public spaces, but also for your own home. Rainwater tanks, opportunities for solar panels, key positioning of your home to make the most of natural sun and shade - all of these options and many more will be at your fingertips.

Lucas' landscape has been carefully planned to incorporate vital water-saving solutions into the infrastructure that will make the great outdoor green spaces a reality - even during summer through the use of sensitively regenerated creeks and wetlands throughout Lucas.

Lucas will reduce its carbon footprint through the use of safe integrated walking and cycling trails - encouraging residents to walk or ride to their destination. Alternatively you can catch public transport, with planned access points every 400m - reducing your dependency on the car, promoting healthier living. Public spaces will feature carefully selected drought tolerant landscaping, ideal for providing shade in summer and sun in winter.

The Lucas landscape has been carefully designed to incorporate water saving solutions - making green outdoor spaces a reality.

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