What’s happening at Journey Early Learning Lucas.

October 21, 2020

One of our educators Monique recently found a dragonfly and decided to bring it down to the Kindergarten room for us to examine. We placed it in a glass jar so we could all get a closer look at it.

Everyone wanted to hold the dragonfly to get a closer look at its big eyes and beautiful wings. We discovered that when we rotated the glass jar the light hit the different panels on the Dragonfly’s eyes, giving the illusion its eyes were following us. We had a discussion with the children about why it might not be alive anymore and we all agreed that maybe it had passed due to old age. During our afternoon group time we talked about what dragonflies eat, where they live and if we had ever seen them flying around.

The dragonfly was the talk of the room for the rest of the day as the children drew pictures of it and constructed it out of all different resources within our room. Over the week we incorporated fictional and non-fictional stories about Dragonflies into our reading area and read them together during our group times.

This is one of the many learning experiences our Kindergarten children participate in daily. If you’d like to learn more about Journey Early Learning Lucas Kindergarten learning experiences, please contact us on 9005 4650 or head to journey.edu.au.

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