The new doctors in town

A warm welcome to the team at Q1 Medical who this week opened in the Lucas Shopping Centre, Coltman Plaza.

The four principal doctors are Dr Catherine Sloan, Dr Amir Maibody, Dr Nusrat Shah Naaz and Dr Mohammed Al Naima.

The clinic will help cater for the area of Lucas and surrounds and will also offer telehealth consultations for those at risk and living further afield.

Dr Mohammed Al Naima was interviewed this week by the Courier and had this to say about opening in Lucas. "We know this area is a growing area with a lot of families and that's why we are opening here, and why will be opening late until 7pm because a lot of families, and young skilled people who work, need to see a doctor and can't do that during office hours," he said.

"Telehealth is one of the recommended things from the government to provide health assessments for people at high risk, and especially for people who, for example, can't come in because they live in the country," he said. "Some conditions don't need a physical examination and ... we can treat locals in their own home."

Appointments can be made online here...

Pic via đź“· @Pharmacy 4 Less Alfredton