Spotlight on Avenue of Country

August 3, 2020

We catch up with Lucas Local Liam – who is one of the founders of the clothing label Avenue of Country.

What is your name: Liam Williamson

Where are you from: Ballarat, Victoria

How old are you? 21 Years Old

How long have you lived in Lucas? I have lived in Lucas for 2 years, grew up in Alfredton and still remember when the Lucas area was just paddocks.

What is the best thing about living in Lucas? Lucas is such an awesome community to be a part of, it does not matter if you know someone when your out for a walk or not everyone is up for a chat!

Avenue of Country was founded in 2018 – how did starting your own clothing label come to life? I travelled Australia at the age of 18, and most town’s I passed through had an ‘Avenue of honour’ and I wanted to dedicate this country clothing brand to those who lived out in regional areas. That is how “Avenue of Country” was first started. From when I started it back in 2018 to now my main goal is still: High quality clothing and good old fashion customer service!

You have a huge range from kids, fishing jerseys, caps, beanies, jackets and full Mens’ and Womens’ collections. What is next? It is always the big Question, but we are looking into oil skin vest and rugby jumpers because we all know how cold it is down here in Ballarat!

When visiting the Avenue of Country website one of the first things that stands out is the models wearing your range – they look like really fun young people enjoying the outdoors! Was this a conscious choice to promote your range with such a connection to the land? This definitely was a factor taken into consideration, personally I know how much people across regional Australia love to get outdoors and enjoy themselves, what better way to do that than promote Avenue of Country!

What is the most popular piece in your collection? I would love to say everything! But personally the jackets and hoodies would be the most popular!

Where do your customers come from? We have customers all over Australia. From as far as Darwin down to Perth, Regional Queensland and New South Wales, Outback South Australia, and all way back here to Ballarat!

How do people find more about Avenue of Country? Head to and use the promo code : Lucas15 for 15% off store wide!

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