Reverse Advent Calendar

November 23, 2021

Have you heard of the Reverse Advent Calendar? You can pick up your reverse advent calendar box from Ballarat Veterinary Practice now - the Lucas clinic has boxes ready to be collected!
A Reverse Advent Calendar begins as an empty box. For 20 days during December, you place one item into the box (non-perishable food, toiletries, Christmas treat). Your filled Reverse Advent Calendar is dropped off at a designated location where it is distributed by food relief agencies to people in your immediate community who are experiencing food insecurity.
Unlike a regular Advent Calendar where the focus is on receiving a treat every day, the Reverse Advent Calendar takes the focus off receiving and places the focus on giving. The Ballarat Veterinary Practice have a close link to the project which was started by Heather Luttrell who is part of the BVP family.

You can find out more here

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