Meet the Lucas CRG

August 3, 2020

About Our Group:

The Lucas Community Representative Group began in early 2019 after a series of community consultations by Ballarat Council’s Engaging Communities program. The aim of this group is to encourage and support people to be involved in the Lucas community, and to include locals in the decision-making process for our thriving new suburb. Our goal is to make Lucas an even better place to live.

What We’ve Achieved:

Over the past year the Community Representative Group has established the Lucas Community Garden & Garden Club, lobbied successfully for a Post Office to be established in Lucas, Run a ‘Clean up Lucas’ day removing 6 cubic metres of rubbish from our streets, partnered with Integra to produce and distribute the Lucas Chronicle community newsletter, held a free community event for people to get to know their neighbours, and begun talks with Lucas Primary & Sienna Primary about their participation in a program encouraging walking/riding to school and which plots out and marks safe routes to do so. We have also forged partnerships with many local business and groups who have all helped us financially by supplying labor/goods to help our grant money go further.

Our Major Sponsors:

We are grateful for the support of all of those who have volunteered their time and ideas to our group, as well as the support from Alfredton Rotary, Avalon Nursery, Bunnings, DHM, Integra, Wilsons & Woolworths. We are also thankful for the financial & leadership support of The City of Ballarat, in particular the staff who have graciously shared their knowledge & wisdom, and who have encouraged and supported us every step of the way.

We’d Love Your Help!

Until the end of the year we will continue to receive funding from the City of Ballarat to support and build our community. We hope to hold further free community events when it is safe to do so, but would also love to hear suggestions of how you want this money to be spent, and your ideas for Lucas going forward. The more input we have from locals the more this money will truly reflect and benefit us all, building a strong community here in Lucas that we can all be proud of. Please reach out to us with your input and ideas at or contact us through the Lucas Community Garden on Facebook.

Involvement comes in many forms, and we’d also love volunteers to join our group and get involved in implementing the ideas we receive from the Lucas community. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, or you’d like more information please contact us on or contact us through the Lucas Community Garden on Facebook.

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