Interview with the Mayor of Lucas, Cr Tillie

October 21, 2020

Tillie I am sure that you know about the Be Kind campaign which the Ballarat Council are running?

Yes, I am, and feel sure that if the Mayor of Ballarat, Cr Ben Taylor, had enough time he would have discussed this matter with me. However with stage 3 restrictions it does make it difficult at the moment as my voice just comes out as a Woof. It is soooo embarrassing. One thing I do know is that Cr Taylor would be happy with Lucas using the Be Kind slogan.                                                                                                                          

As most of you would know I am kind in lots of ways: I share my puppy love with anyone who might need it : I’m always up for a pat or belly rub, and also happy to sit on someone’s lap to offer support.

What has been your favorite part of being Mayor of Lucas so far?

That would be going to the animal shelter with Victoria and handing over some money. They need it so should see them!!! They don’t even have their own couches and have to put up with beds on the floor. The people there are really kind and help the animals. They are pawsome!

Tillie you are quite an ambassador for everyone in Lucas and for dogs around the world. People seem to really look up to you and take notice of what you say. How do you feel about that?

I feel very humbled. And when the message is Be Kind then that’s even more pawsome.

Getting your photo and a story into The Australian Women’s Weekly must have been quite a coup for your PR team.

Well, my family doesn’t quite know how that happened. They are actually quite proud of my appearance in the magazine. I thought they may have been a little jealous, but they have been big enough to be happy for me.

It is well known that you have a large following on Instagram. How many do you have now? Is it true that you have had many offers to endorse branded clothing and accessories?

Well, yes, both are true. At the moment I have over 20,000 followers on my instagram account, which my PA handles for me fortunately. They also make sure that I only support one company which is Australian and donates generously to the RSPCA . I know that is important to be transparent with gifts, but no one yet has offered me a see-through raincoat! I am not troubled by canine trolls on Instagram because they are all kind, not like some that my family tell me about. But they are humans. Haven’t they heard about being kind?

You are a Delta Therapy dog Tillie. What does that mean?

The Delta society trains and provides volunteers and their dogs and their humans work as a team to provide help where it is needed. My PA tells me no!  to boast, but I am fairly sure that I am the only Delta therapy dog who is also a Mayor. Oh my Woof ! I get rather busy at times. My human, who rather likes to be called my PA, goes with me to he Ballarat Oncology and Haematology Centre once a week. I do a rather superb job of working the room in the treatment centre. I see my friends there who are having treatment and the lovely staff - we snuggle, I get lots of pats, I get cheese and share the puppy love. I have been a Delta dog for 4 yrs now. Now that, my PA says, is what kindness is all about.

Are you related to the singer called Delta?

Aww, I wish I was. When she was sick with cancer I could have given her cuddles. But nope, you won’t be getting me on any shows anytime soon.

A final few words about  kindness from the Mayor, Cr Tillie and her PA, Debra


We often discuss kindness at home, especially when we are all sitting at the dining table.. Tillie’s view is that canines are usually much kinder than humans as they don’t make judgements. If another canine looks dangerous they put their noses in the air and walk away. Most of us don’t like other canines who fight or are aggressive.


Maybe we need to listen to Tillie’s words of wisdom and try really hard to be kind to everyone we meet. We will leave the physical contact to the canines though. A smile or kind word often makes a big difference. Simple acts of kindness can change a person’s day.

Be Kind whoever and wherever you are.

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