Australia’s most liveable regional city

June 22, 2020

Thought about a tree change? Here’s another reason to make the move: Ballarat, has been named Australia’s most liveable regional city.

Ballarat has outperformed all other Australian regional cities for best access to public transport and public open space and ranked among the top five for access to supermarkets, local employment, social infrastructure and housing affordability. 

The research was conducted by the RMIT Healthy Liveable Cities Group drawing from over eight years of research findings.

This is the first time a study on the liveability of regional cities has been undertaken in such detail.

Integra Director of Land Nick Grylewicz explains “By looking at the measures of liveability separately you can see where each city is performing well and where there are opportunities for improvement.”

“We know that among the key benefits of living in a regional city like Ballarat is that people tend to live close to where they work, can shop close to home have access to education,health and services they need.

“This model has a great influence on the decision making process throughout the development of all our communities. Lucas is what we refer to as a ten minute community where residents will have access to a park only 500 metres from every house and enjoy the ability to walk to the supermarket, health care facilities and schools.”

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