Alfredton Rotary - Our developing park and other projects

October 21, 2020

By Alfredton Rotary

Alfredton Rotary is made up of around 25 volunteers who get together to make a difference – in our local community and further afield. We plan and organise a range of different projects, big and small and are happy to welcome new community-minded people to join us.

You may have noticed the new community park we are developing, across Remembrance Drive from the Lucas shopping centre. You will see the blue Rotary sign if you take the Link Road and you may have been involved in one of our planting bees as we establish trees around the perimeter. It is very exciting to be involved in the first stages of a new park and we have been very gratified to see community members getting involved too. There is also an opportunity to pay $25 to have a tree named for an individual or family, so that your contribution will be recorded for posterity. Anyone who would like to do this should email David Sanders -

We are very lucky to have the wonderful Mullawalla Wetlands behind the park, home to a number of endangered species, so in the future, the park could provide a lovely area to watch birds in the wetlands or a shady spot for a walk or picnic. We have plans to develop the park over time to include a BBQ shelter, seating and indigenous plant garden and will continue to have working bees to achieve this. Community members are very welcome to be involved in this project.

Another project that we are involved in is providing sandwiches to over 20 local primary schools, for children in need. The fresh cheese sandwiches are frozen by school staff and distributed when needed. This project has been running for the last 4 years and in that time with fantastic support from Ballarat Grammar, Nature’s Cargo, Cain Property, Eatup and Woolworths we have provided almost 24,000 sandwiches to hungry kids.

Alfredton Rotary members are also heavily involved in assisting Uniting to completely refurbish an old furniture store to become a new home for the Breezeway Meals project. This redevelopment includes a commercial kitchen, café area, laundry and bathroom facilities, adverse weather shelter and other facilities for the people most in need, in our community. The project got its start from a

‘Pick My Project’ grant from the State Government for $180,000 and was developed further with generous support of the Oliver Foundation and other organisations and suppliers. This project is almost reaching its end point with the new facilities soon to be occupied by Uniting staff.

Alfredton Rotary members also support communities overseas, with health and educational needs for people in need and have currently filled a container with hospital beds and first aid materials bound for a new medical clinic in the Kerangasem region in remote, northeast Bali. We thank Ballarat Health Services and St John of God Hospital for assistance with this project. We have many projects, both one off and ongoing that people can get involved with.

Our meetings are on Monday nights from 6pm-7pm – currently held mostly via zoom, so if you would like to get involved or find out more, contact David Sanders whose email is above

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