5 steps to building your new home

February 22, 2019

Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home is a daunting yet thrilling adventure, filled with many questions, sometimes confusion but mostly excitement!

Below is the build journey explained by the local G.J. Gardner Homes Ballarat team, to ensure your build experience is smooth, exciting & memorable.

First things first; establishing a budget. When you start your first home buying journey it’s important to sort your finances out early to establish your budget. There are many different products, offers, interest rates and repayment options available, so gaining advice from a professional early on in the journey is recommended. Below are some points to save for your home deposit (and still eat smashed avo on a Saturday)

  • Double down on your debt – clear your existing debt before you start saving
  • Track your spending and create a budget
  • Snip and Save – look at your current lifestyle and decide what you can amend to get ahead in your saving.  
  • Create new ways to earn money – get creative on how you can bring more money in to boost your savings

So you’ve got your finance sorted and you’re keen to build your new home – what now you may ask? Let’s keep it simple and summarise the 5 steps of your build journey with G.J. Gardner Homes Ballarat:

  1. Choose your land – Choose the area you want to build in and select your block of land. The G.J. Gardner Homes team can help you source land & design your house to suit your block if it’s a bit tricky or you’re unsure.
  2. Design your home – Work with G.J. Gardner Homes to design your dream home and add your own personal touches. We’ll advise you on the many customisation options that will make your dream home become a unique reality.
  3. Contracts and permits – Meet with some of your G.J. Gardner Homes Team at this exciting time to sign your contract.
  4. Construction process – The exciting construction phase includes all the stages of building your home – from base, frame, lock-up & handover. Throughout the build of your home, we will touch base with you many times to keep you in the loop.
  5. Moving in and lifestyle – This part is all you! You have the keys to your new G.J. Gardner Homes dream home, so now comes the fun part – moving in!
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