A Green Space

August 3, 2020

Green Space

Just over 7 years ago we fell in love with our Metricon display home in Lucas. Looking for a rental property, we just loved this home. It had a warm, welcoming feel with lots of windows and light filled rooms and a well laid out, landscaped, low maintenance garden. Within 30 minutes we had paid our deposit and after a few months I had convinced my husband to move from our home of 29 years in Mt Pleasant (which had 3 huge garden tiers that required lots of maintenance), to our new suburb of Lucas.

A huge change for us but after moving in 5 years ago we love living in this ever changing area and watching all the new developments with new homes, new gardens, new schools and shopping district with a community hub and health centre and the Lucas Community Garden. As keen gardeners, we have made a few changes by taking out invasive gumtrees from our side yard and replacing with fruit trees and a Lillypilly in the front section. We have removed scruffy ugly bushes in front of our home, replacing them with mini rhododendrons and other low maintenance plants. We removed 3 yuccas from the front pot and replaced them with succulents which are thriving, look good and require no maintenance.

Recently our new neighbour moved in and has no experience with gardening and as we are now retired with time on our hands, we have offered to look after her garden. My husband does the lawns and whipper snipping and I the weeding. An arrangement that works well for us.

In this time of isolation, the garden has been a life saver as we potter around, trimming this and that and pulling the odd weed and now planning for a new larger veggie garden, and loving where we live .

Story by Carol Charlton

If you would like your garden to be featured or know someone who would, get in contact at community@integragroup.com.au

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