Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Lucas has been a hive of activity this year, with so much more to come!

Recently we obtained Titles in Mellish Street in Lucas Platinum, and now this road is open to the public! We hope to see some new resident’s dream homes commence construction shortly!

All construction is complete on Beaston Way, and we should be expecting Titles by the end of the year, ready for some new homes to commence construction for the new year!

The first section of Tremain Drive and Jolly Parade in Lucas Platinum is almost ready for the audit process, as construction has just finished. We are expecting to obtain Titles for these new home sites in December or January 2019.

In Lucas Platinum, Cockerall Street and Moore Way’s construction is in full swing and this looks likely to Title in February 2019.

Booth Close, Brownfield Dive and the last section of Paterson Street have recently had their earthworks completed and the civil works have just commenced. These streets are on track to be ready for the public by early to mid 2019.

Further earthworks and landscaping have commenced in the Lucas Central Park, in conjunction with City of Ballarat. We expect that construction of the Central Park will be finished early to mid 2019.

The connection of Eleanor Drive is still on track to be delivered by early to mid 2019.

Siena Catholic Primary School has recently commenced construction of further facilities for a staff room and administration rooms to assist with their rapidly growing school! And the Lucas Primary School is also scheduled to be open for Term One 2020!

What an exciting year for Lucas!

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