Lucas is a place where large open spaces abound, yet all the urban comforts are within easy reach.

Designed with your lifestyle in mind, Lucas has more than 22 hectares of open space, and is designed around a central green heart that provides walkways and paths through the town.

There will be a neighbourhood park within 400 metres of every home in Lucas and each neighbourhood park will be unique – different play equipment, different natural features and a different experience.

You will know that you are at home when you look around your neighbourhood. Lucas will be beautifully landscaped, with vistas and colours that will enhance your experience of everyday life.

The beauty of creating a new township is that we will do things right from the very beginning. Our planning process alone has involved several years of learning about best practice in community design and development, learning about what makes communities thrive, and how important the sense of place is for that to happen.

Lucas will be recognisable by its green open spaces, in particular the 13 hectare central passage which forms the heart of Lucas. With more than 10% of available land dedicated to open space, Lucas brings the best of regional living to your doorstep. Ballarat is famous for its colourful parks and gardens, and we want Lucas to become renowned for its parks and gardens too.

Public open space was the starting point of our plan - not an afterthought as so often happens in older neighbourhoods. The centrepiece of Lucas' open space will be a state-of-the-art sporting facility which will attract sporting teams from throughout the district. It will comprise:

  • Senior size multi-sports oval - for example big enough to include one AFL or two soccer pitches

  • Seating terraces and clubrooms

  • Room for indoor sports facilities in the future


Surrounding the sports facilities will be walking and cycling tracks as well as an adventure playground large enough to rival any in the district. Surrounding the sports facilities and adventure playground will be more open spaces as well as a creek, a wetlands area and an urban forest.

Just like every aspect of Lucas, there is an open space and high-quality facility to suit every interest and level of ability. From participating in district-level sport, walking through the wetlands, having a picnic in the urban forest or simply sitting outdoors reading a book, Lucas will provide it all.

By providing schools, shopping, business opportunities and parks within Lucas there is little reason to jump in the car.

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